The Body of Christ Worship Center was instituted by the leading of the Holy Spirit in November of 2004.  After conducting a weekly Bible study in their home located at 1711 Wildwood Avenue for approximately one year, Pastor and Co-pastor Wyatt clearly heard the Lord direct them to begin an official ministry.  During their time of prayer, the Lord lead them to I Corinthians 12.

While studying that scripture, verse 12 became the central focus of their prayer.  From that place, God gave them the name “Body of Christ Worship Center”.  The search for a facility began in October, 2004 and the current location was soon found.  The building at 2821 Warm Springs Road was leased by Pastor Wyatt and renovations began in November.  Officially, the church began operations on December 31, 2004 during its Watch Night Service.

After having begun with three families in Bible study, the ministry began with approximately five families.  As time has passed, the Lord added to the church daily “such as should be saved”. 

Serving the Lord at the Warm Springs Road location enabled us to experience exponential growth and we began looking for the opportunity to relocate due to capacity constraints.  Upon looking at several facilities, the Holy Spirit led Pastor Gerald to 1500 13th Avenue. Upon entry to the facility, we realized that it would require significant investment and modifications to be optimal for a complete worship experience. The demolition and subsequent renovation began in February 2008. All funding for that process was obtained by the selfless giving of our membership and we were able to complete the $25,000 project by June, 2008 DEBT FREE. Subsequently, we have continued with modifications and enhancements to the main sanctuary and adjacent Administration Office building.

In October, 2011 BCWC was given the opportunity to expand the ministry to establish an Outreach Center at 1209 Pou Street.  Details of this new venture can be found under the Ministries page within the Outreach tab.  God continues to do major things for the Kingdom of God through the hands of BCWC.  We are grateful to God for ALL that He has done and continues to do by His grace.






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