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Door of Hope - Chennai, India

BCWC began its fellowship with Door of Hope - Chennai, India in October, 2005.  During a ministry trip to Indianapolis, Indiana the Lord allowed Pastors Gerald and Wendi to meet Dr. Joshua Gideon in the airport.  Dr. Gideon had deboarded the plane and looked somewhat perplexed.  The Holy Spirit spoke to Pastor Gerald and simply said, "Help him."  Following that instruction, Pastor Gerald guided Pastor Joshua toward baggage claim.  They parted ways and as they were both leaving the baggage claim area, Pastor Gerald and Pastor Joshua bumped into each other.  Again, the Holy Spirit said, "Help him."  Pastor Gerald knew then that "help" was not just a moment in time but a command in the Kingdom.

The Brothers exchanged information and parted ways.  Days later, emails were exchanged and God created a divine connection.  Through fervent prayer and giving, the Body has been able to feed countless children, help establish 17 village churches, build a two-story home church for Door of Hope in Chennai, provide Christmas gifts and school supplies and fund a sewing school for young women who would have otherwise been homeless and without hope.  The Body continues to send monthly financial support to the church in India.  You are welcome to join our efforts by clicking on the "Donate" button below.  You may designate your giving for "Door of Hope - India" in the subsequent payment pages.

Through this relationship we have seen miracles, signs and wonders to include the Lord literally bringing Pastor Joshua back from a massive heart attack and stroke.  Pastor Joshua, his wife Jaynethi and two children Jezreel and Jezlin give their lives WHOLLY to the advancement of the Kingdom of God!  Please pray with us that God will continue to provide for every need that exists in that region.

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